Quality Policy

Genial Digitech based in Chennai, India has been started by a team of well-groomed Professionals with decade of experience in business Process and IT domain.

Quality Policy

We are committed to our Clients by providing competent Software Design and Development services through consistent processes and improvements thereby meeting their needs and expectations.

We constantly monitor our Client's satisfaction and our achievements against our Quality Objectives. We take necessary actions for further improvement and reset them periodically to ensure that we continue to improve our performance that aligns with our Clients.

We work to be their technological partners, with great value added to their business processes.

Our Employees are well communicated and made aware of the Organization’s Quality Policy to ensure that it has been correctly understood, implemented and maintained.

Our Employees are our asset and we value them. We always treat employees with dignity and respect.

We ensure a safe and healthy work environment is provided for our employees.

Our environmental policy promotes efficient usage of Energy and reducing electronic waste.

We are committed to our Society by reducing the impact of our operations and business activities on the environment.

We are committed to fulfill the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our sector.